31 December, 2005

Hazel Gundam: Head 2

It wasn't bad at all. I wish the other heads were this easy
hazel gundam hrududu 3d mesh sandrum


Hazel Gundam: Head 1

Started on the head. This one doesn't seem as bad as other gundam heads that I've modelled. I think it has to do with the sensor strip being located at the top of the head instead of solely in front/back of it.
hazel gundam hrududu 3d mesh sandrum


30 December, 2005

Hazel Variations

Time to start the Hazel Gundam. I was planning on basically upgrading the Quel for this starting with the head. The differences between some of these units range from simple paint jobs to actual side equipment. I wanted to do all of these, but since this was for fun, not all of them may be completed in the time limit I've decided on -- in which case I'll have to move on to the Zeta or Strike Gundams and come back later to this when there is more time (and information).
  • Gundam TR-1 HAZEL
  • Gundam TR-1 HAZEL CUSTOM (custom and official colors)
  • Gundam TR-1 HAZEL CUSTOM (sub-arm equipment)
  • Gundam TR-1 HAZEL RAH

GM Quel: Done...YAY

This is as far as I need to go with this model. Next is the Hazel. I expect that changing this model to look like the Hazel shouldn't be too difficult. I'll probably start tomorrow though. So sleepy...
cg quel GM gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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29 December, 2005

GM Quel: virtually Complete

Well, the day is almost done. And before I go to sleep, the Quel in the "waiting for the bus" pose. Almost done. Needs color and admittedly, a bit of thickness in the shield.... other than that, the Hazel is around the corner...
GM quel gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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GM Quel: Gun #2

The OTHER gun that the Quel uses. After this it's the shield and then some COLOR :D :D
gm quel gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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28 December, 2005

GM Quel: Beam Gun #1

First beam gun for the Quel. The other looks like a rifle or something....
gm quel gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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27 December, 2005

GM Quel: Leg 2

Gave the legs some detail and fixed up the backpack a bit.
gm quel gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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25 December, 2005

USS Midway

Alright, so I need to get started on a carrier to practice on so that I have a good idea of what to do for the Takemikazuchi (non existant-futuristic aircraft/mobile suit carrier). I figured that I'd try my hand at the USS Midway for no other reason than that I like the name. This is part of the anaheim machines project only in that it's a stepping stone for the actual Takemikazuchi model, but since I'm still building mobile suits and the midway itself is never used it isn't specifically needed... just the idea on how to build it. This part of the project is to be done in the background as there isn't really a specific finish date for either. But since it's vacation-ish time here, I figured a change of pace from mobile suits would be interesting. So I guess I'll try to start it this week.

GM Quel: Leg1

The legs as of now. Hopefully when I get done with em they'll look better. For now they look kinda round and blobby. Working through Christmas sucks. ;)
gm quel gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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23 December, 2005

GM Quel: Waist 2

After a few parties and other issues with life, I'm satisfied with the waist.
gm quel gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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19 December, 2005

GM Quel: Waist

I must be out of my mind. It's 2am and I'm sitting in front of the pc starting the waist.... I have to be at work tomorrow and I'm goofin around... geez. Anyway, yes, the waist is just started. Shouldn't be too hard seeing as it's such a boxy design. Good thing this is virtually identical to the Hazel unit as well ;)
gm quel gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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18 December, 2005

GM Quel: Arms

... and then the arms... So nice that they're identical to the Hazel. Should hopefully make it easy on me when I get to Gundam-ifying it.
gm quel gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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17 December, 2005

GM Quel: Body 2

Ah, finally have most of the body. I say most because the backpack isn't quite done yet. But I'm not feeling the urge to finish the backpack at this moment, so I'll probably just move on to the arms and finish the backpack around the time I start the armament.
gm quel gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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14 December, 2005

GM Quel: Body 1

A quick start on the body. I should have more time in the coming days to get to this. Then again, next week is chocked full of holiday parties and what not.... sheesh
gm quel gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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11 December, 2005

GM Quel Head + Victory Gundam

I had some time today to kick back and finish watching the Victory Gundam series. I have to say that it took me a long time to finish watching it but I'm glad I did. I have to say that this is likely the Gundam series I most enjoyed watching, despite it's comicalness at times. Also, probably more people were killed in fighting in this series than any other that I remember. It was a bang up ride of a series that I'll probably watch again. It makes me want to not only buy the Victory Gundam (and Victory 2) but model them as well (not gonna happen though). I find it intriguing that this is the final animated story in the Universal Century timeline (year UC 0153 - roughly 253 years from AD 2005). The next animated story in this Universe for me is ∀(Turn A) Gundam, which takes place over 2000 years after Victory Gundam (or over 2253 years from today). I'll have to see it soon...

....Got some Quel down after watching it.
gm quel gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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10 December, 2005

GM Quel: Head Start

I feel good about this model. Seems like it won't give me too much trouble. Starting off hasn't been too bad.
gm quel gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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09 December, 2005

Next: GM Quel

Well, as soon as one is done, I have to get moving on the next. I actually finished the Wing Gundams a little ahead of schedule so I have a little time to play with this one... but not all that much. This one I did mention before, a little mobile suit called the GM Quel, deployed in the Universal Century Gundam Universe (year 0083). This means that this suit is the first in the line of UC suits I'll be hitting up from now on, unless I decide to get back to the Gundam Seed suits. I'd actually like to take a break from those suits and concentrate on this "Universe" for now.

I've added a couple more suits to the roster, this GM Quel, the Hazel "variations" (Hazel, Custom Hazel, Advance Hazel, Hazel - Rah...), and Aile Strike Gundam (so that I can snatch the frame up and use/modify it for the Buster, Duel and Astray Gundams). I've seen loads of Strike Gundam models on the net so I'm very sure that every gundam fan and their mother has tried to model it at some point or another, which is why I'm only really going to make the frame. This unfortunately makes the total amount of suits that I planned far too many to realisitically finish within a reasonable time frame. So I've made the GP02, Zeta Plus (which shouldn't be bad after I've finished Zeta anyway), GP01 and GP01fb "unnecessary" to model. If any, I'd just model the GP01 anyway.

For those who may not have heard of Advance of Zeta, hit up ninjascience's blog. Lots of links and images there that should help you out if you need info on this new manga series.

Well, off to work!

08 December, 2005

Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Pose

Tried to make it look like the box art for the master grade model. Personally, I don't think it's too far off, though I believe that the background could use some work. I'll have to get back into working with photoshop soon.
endless waltz wing zero gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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05 December, 2005

Wing Zero: Complete

Well, I'm pretty much there with this one too. The wings were hell and I still don't feel 100% right about them, but they aren't horrible so I'll stick with them for now. As for the next model, I'll probably end up skimming the UC timeline and hit the GM Quel so that I can use that to make the Custom Hazel Gundam.

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03 December, 2005

Wing Zero: Dual Buster Rifle

Most of the rifle(s) -since there are two of them- are done. All that's really left is to recolor this badboy!


01 December, 2005

Wing Zero: Wings Install Test

Getting antsy. I had to see what they looked like after swapping the old backpack and wings. It's not turning out too bad. I may add a few more "feathers" to make it look more complete though. I still have to remove the claws from the forarms and replace them with fins, make the twin buster rifle, and change the good old color scheme. Might be done by this weekend if I can keep it up.