02 June, 2005


The Point

The Anaheim Machines Project (Also referred to as "AMP") is a long term effort to reproduce various parts of the Gundam Universe in 3D. Currently, it is divided into 4 parts, with a 4th section moving from Gundam Seed to the Universal Centry Timeline with "other" Gundam series'. The primary purpose of this web log is to outline the progress of the project.


No real reason, though initially it was supposed to be a light-hearted bid to offset the amount of Star Trek / Star Wars meshes available online in various forums. The operational view of the project seems to have diverged from that particular mindset, but no guarantee is made that every or any part of this project will be completed 100%.


The software used will be Lightwave 3D(version 8.3). Secondary software such as (Photoshop/Fireworks, After Effects) may be used as needed to produce necessary visual and audio material.


The basic run through of some of the projects.


I normally go under the alias of "sandrum" [all lowercase] on most forums.


Ultimately, the effort boils down to those models in SEED, however, I'll occasionally leave the SEED series and delve into others (0083, Turn-A, Victory, AOZ...). I don't have a final completion date anymore, though I am sticking to a rough timeline for work.