28 August, 2008

Saviour Impulse: Backpack 3

I added a little bit of detail, some missing parts and repaired a few displaced components on the cannons themselves. From the images that I uploaded of the Chaos-Impulse, Gaia-Impulse, and Abyss-Impulse it seems that the backpacks are the main component of those respective systems but retain a few other required details in order to fit their roles. The side skirt on the waist seems to be similar if not identical to the original Chaos, Gaia and Abyss machines, so I imported and fixed up my old Saviour side skirt. I didn’t start from scratch because Bee-Crafts version of the Saviour's (side skirt) doesn’t seem different enough to require it.

I’m sure to a certain degree that as the shield will likely need be the same as the Bee-Craft version (or acceptably similar). The gun will probably need to be so as well. What makes me wonder the most are the legs… not sure if the would-be Savour-Impulse would use the Saviours legs or the Impulses. While Chaos-Impulse looks like the regular Impulses, the other two feature subtle differences relative to the original Gundam's specific roles. In any case, for the Saviour I’ll have to make the (lower) legs anyway but for this Saviour Impulse, they might just stay “Impulsey”

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