20 August, 2008

Rick Dom: Bazooka

Not much time to play today so I got something easy out of the way. Hey, that rhymes! :D
Anywho, the ol bazooka for the rick dom. Not much to see, but hey...
mobile suit gundam 0083 stardust memories rick dom xamel 3d mesh cg sandrum render


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Comments on "Rick Dom: Bazooka"


Anonymous gundam collector said ... (Aug 21, 2008, 3:15:00 PM) : 

looks nice but didnt the movie show that it was a beam rifle/bazooka.w


Blogger sandrum said ... (Aug 22, 2008, 3:47:00 PM) : 

in the show it did, yes. I just haven't made it yet ;p This is just "another" weapon.


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