23 February, 2008

Akatsuki: Waist

The good old strike waist modified from an earlier saved version of the mesh before I started digging into it. It wasn't too bad I suppose.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Feb 23, 2008, 9:29:00 PM) : 

Now that I think about it, would your be able to use the strike frame to build the Buster and Duel along with the Verde Buster and Blu Duel variants? I'm not sure if you liked those mobile suit designs better than the Akatsuki, but I have been eager to see them, especially when you created the Duels beam rifle w/ grenade launcher. Ironically the Hyaku Shiki was right below them on your "working on" list. I wonder if you don't like the Hyaku Shiki for it's beam coating just as the Akatsuki.


Blogger sandrum said ... (Feb 24, 2008, 6:09:00 AM) : 

Exactly! The Duel, Buster and Strike all use variants of the X100 frame (x102, x103, and x105 respectively). Generally, the frames are quite similar in appearance but modified slightly depending on the machine. In the case of the link I gave above, changes are evident in the white sections which are machine specific as opposed to the colored sections which are portions which generally all X100 frames share in common. This is basically what I was thinking for the Duel and Buster's when I hit them. The Astray red/blue/gold/green etc are based on a similar design to the X100 frame machines, again shown in the link. Not identical, but close enough. If I ever get the Astray, it will probably be with the Strike "frame" in mind.

However while the Akatsuki is not my cup of tea, I rather like the Hyaku Shiki.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Feb 24, 2008, 9:33:00 AM) : 

I know what you mean, the beecraft PG versions are top shelf. I am also a huge Astray fan, those variants are just cool. I also noticed a while back that you mentioned the Strike frame was getting old. The Beecraft PG design would be a great upgrade.

On another note, have you been able to find scans of the Gundam Seed/ Destiny and Astray Model Masters/ data collection books/ magazines? It really sucks to be a Gundam fan in the states b/c we barely even get scraps. I'd love to see all those designs... and the rest of the Astray mangas/ photo novels for that matter...


Blogger sandrum said ... (Feb 24, 2008, 8:18:00 PM) : 

Weeeell, no -- not planning on "upgrading" it. The Evolve design is nice looking and all, but not for me (at the moment). What would unfortunately come of that decision would be that I'd feel obligated to suddenly return to every last model I've already made and do a similar "upgrade". Perhaps when I've reached retirement age... ;p

You've got me on the books/magazines. I haven't had the time to check them out myself.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Feb 24, 2008, 10:26:00 PM) : 

Nice, but one thing to note. The Akatsuki only has one twin beam saber that mounts on the left waist. The slot on the right is for storing the beam rifle when it is not in use.


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