30 April, 2006

Archangel: Leg - Launchpad

Finally able to post something about the legs. Gottfried, Lohengrin and the launch bay are all there. Needs more detail here and there and then the bump mapping but basically it works. :p Whew!! If this takes too long I'll have to start the GP project and leave this to be done later...

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23 April, 2006

Providence Gundam: Redone

I had to redo the Providence so that it at least looks somewhat as detailed as the Redone Freedom. Most of the changes are in the proportions of the appendages and with the backpack itself, most importantly, it's rotation/sway system. That's something I always thought it needed anyway.
providence gundam redo 3d lightwave mesh sandrum

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22 April, 2006

Archangel: Rear Boosters1

Sometimes I do some dumb stuff. Was able to get this far. This thing is hard.

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18 April, 2006

Freedom Gundam V2: Test Scene

Once the archangel gets done I'll want to make a wings spread kind of scene, probably similar to Seed's episode 35 when it makes it's entery to save the Archangel. Anyway, since I never checked the wings, I thought I'd do it now...
CG freedom gundam 3d lightwave sandrum

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16 April, 2006

Freedom Gundam V2: Leg Frame

I've gotten a few questions on this... Is it the case that I construct a frame for the Gundams? The answer is yes. For example the leg frame of the Freedom. Damage occurs at some point and the leg will need to come off... It would signal a sort of "half-assed" modelling attempt if it wasnt there after the leg(s) get totalled.

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14 April, 2006

Archangel: Bridge 1

Finish one and start the next. The Archangel ship from Gundam Seed is up. Started on the bridge and it seems to be working out ok. I need to make some grooves and lengthen the actual bridge area a bit, but it should be close to all-good otherwise.
archangel bridge 3d lightwave gundam mesh sandrum

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12 April, 2006

Freedom Gundam V2: Complete-ish

Mostly done. Needs a couple more texture areas that I forgot. I'll start/finish the Archangel before I get another pose I think...
CG freedom gundam 3d mesh sandrum

[edit]: I don't really need the Justice Gundam for any of the animations anymore and truthfully, I didn't really like it. Personally I think it got the wrong end of the hardware stick in Gundam Seed -- though I'll admit that the Infine version is quite nice and at least focuses on a particular attack paradigm. Eitherway, enough people are probably building it, so it won't even be a novelty to make for fun...much like it's no longer a novelty to build Freedom (there're so many on the net now).

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Freedom Gundam V2: Test Render

The good ol test render. The artifacts are for some errors that I made in setting up the scene. Now for some logos.
freedom gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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11 April, 2006

Freedom Gundam V2: Shield

Today wasn't a good day at all. I got a shield out of it though.
freedom gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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09 April, 2006

Freedom Gundam V2: Blaster 1

Blaster Rifle. I wasn't too bad. Somewhat thinner and longer than the old blaster I made for Freedom .
wing zero gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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08 April, 2006

Freedom Gundam V2: Wings 1

The wings are a bit too sharp. I haven't finished sizing it up correctly either. Just wanted to see where it was...
freedom wing gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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07 April, 2006

Freedom Gundam V2: Legs 1

Finally some legs. Took a while to get the calves right, with that line going down diagonally on it. OpenGL makes for some crazy looking errors in modeller that don't show up in the render. I was pleasantly suprised by that.
freedom gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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Sweet. An old back-issue of a dengeki hobby magazine special came in with a small 1/400 Keehar-r model inside. The details are fairly small, but thanks to the model, the Ashimaar HG model and Ninjascience's faithful scans of the Advance of Zeta model books, I should be able to rig up a Keehar after the Ashimaar. Such a cool MS/MA. I love what these designers are doing with these advance of zeta models. (Ninjascience keeps his blog updated regularly on AOZ happenings)

05 April, 2006

Freedom Gundam V2: Arms 2

Sectioned the upper and lower arms off. Still working on the legs.

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01 April, 2006

Freedom Gundam V2: Arms

I was unable to sleep at all. I tried -- Couldn't do it....so I got some arms. The wrists are a bit thick though...
freedom gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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