13 April, 2006

Freedom Gundam V2: Complete-ish

Mostly done. Needs a couple more texture areas that I forgot. I'll start/finish the Archangel before I get another pose I think...
CG freedom gundam 3d mesh sandrum

[edit]: I don't really need the Justice Gundam for any of the animations anymore and truthfully, I didn't really like it. Personally I think it got the wrong end of the hardware stick in Gundam Seed -- though I'll admit that the Infine version is quite nice and at least focuses on a particular attack paradigm. Eitherway, enough people are probably building it, so it won't even be a novelty to make for fun...much like it's no longer a novelty to build Freedom (there're so many on the net now).

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Comments on "Freedom Gundam V2: Complete-ish"


Blogger Manic Panic said ... (Apr 13, 2006, 9:17:00 PM) : 

Still, there aren't many people who can build a gundam as good as you can :)
This freedom is excellent!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Oct 18, 2009, 2:30:00 AM) : 

you are the Best!
I want to see a Zgmf-x09a made by you!


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