21 September, 2012

ZZ Gundam: Mess Around

I really REALLY don't remember what I was thinking for the ZZ Gundam. Maybe I was just aiming for the FAZZ. I'm certain that some of this is not all that close to the MG, since all I had to work with was the GFF. I suppose I was working toward the sentinel gundam for some reason or another... Anyway, it looks dated compared to many of the others...
mobile suit gundam ZZ Gundam mesh zeta double zeta 3d mesh cg sandrum

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Comments on "ZZ Gundam: Mess Around"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Sep 22, 2012, 4:28:00 AM) : 

The legs look really similar to the AMX-014 Dooben-Wolf with the calf bits sticking out.


Blogger sandrum said ... (Sep 22, 2012, 4:29:00 AM) : 

Probably a "sign of the times".


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