29 September, 2012

Ex-S Gundam: Mess around

I still can't believe I was able to get through the entirety of the Ex-S at the time that I did. What with all of the movable parts. This is another one I'd like to revisit someday.
mobile suit  Sentinel Master Grade Ex-S Sentinel gundam seed strike evolve gundam launcher destiny 3d mesh cg sandrum

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22 September, 2012

Evolve Strike Gundam: Launcher Backpack

There's the old redesigned (by BEECRAFT) backpack for the Evolve version of the Strike. What I like is that it fits well considering its bulk
What I don't like is that I had to wait a bit to confirm with the MG model before I figured out I liked it.
mobile suit gundam seed strike evolve gundam launcher destiny 3d mesh cg sandrum

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21 September, 2012

ZZ Gundam: Mess Around

I really REALLY don't remember what I was thinking for the ZZ Gundam. Maybe I was just aiming for the FAZZ. I'm certain that some of this is not all that close to the MG, since all I had to work with was the GFF. I suppose I was working toward the sentinel gundam for some reason or another... Anyway, it looks dated compared to many of the others...
mobile suit gundam ZZ Gundam mesh zeta double zeta 3d mesh cg sandrum

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20 September, 2012

F91 Mess around

It's a bit of fun to pull out a previous mesh and see if it still works. I'm not sure what I had planned for this mesh, but I'm certain it wasn't boring...
mobile suit gundam F91 Victory V2 3d mesh cg sandrum

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09 September, 2012

Evolve Strike vs Bucue

Holy crap it's been a long time since I've rendered anything with some determination, but I gave it a go after ... 4 years of doing nothing.

evolve strike freedom gundam force bucue 3d gundam mesh cg sandrum

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