25 November, 2009

Astray Blue Frame: Legs 2

I changed the shape of the foot to reflect the design changes in the Master Grade version of the Blue Frame 2nd revise. However, since the plastic model's frame and foot are thinner than the version I created, I simply changed the shape of the foot rather than modeling a brand new one. The heel reflects any of the same ideas I decided to implement in the model. The foot is also somewhat "taller" than it's previous incarnation reflecting some ideas that Bee-Craft illustrated in Dengeki Hobby a few months ago as what might have been a PG "Blue Frame Second L" leg. Strangely, this illustration was absent from the actual model kits' manual. I also added the knife and the thingie that sits behind the waist on the blue frame.

mobile suit gundam seed destiny infinite justice strike EVOLVE Perfect Grade PG freedom astray red blue frame second 2nd revise MG 3d mesh cg sandrum

A white section of armor that goes on the lower leg to protect the ankle joints seems to be what remains of the critical stuff. Small details on the leg reflective of the MG version might be an option if I further choose to.

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