30 November, 2005

Wing Zero: Wings 3

Still on it. Here is the start of the next set of wings. They look pretty ugly right now but I'm gunning to get them done by this Saturday if I can so that I can get on the Dual Buster Rifle. Why do I love doing this so much????? Very strange...


26 November, 2005

Wing Zero: Wings 2

On the bright side, a quick test of the wing to see how it looks. I'm pretty happy with it for now though ;)



Yay, I JUST NOW remembered that I'm going to need (a fleet?) of ships for the Murasame/Astray/Forbidden,Raider,Calamity to launch from and Impulse (Forbidden/Raider/Calamity)to destroy. I'll need both Aircraft Carriers AND Battleship types of vessels. I'm probably going to go with European/Australian/American designed ships as most of the movies will take place near all of those countries. The twist is that after I create these ships I'll have to change their designs to make them look more like the ships in the anime... Specifically one called the Takemikazuchi (in the anime). For now, I'm betting on one or two of the following aircraft carriers (though none look like the previously mentioned model):

USS Enterprise
USS Midway
USS Carl Vincent
USS Kitty Hawk

I have yet to decide on the battleship. I also have to figure out where to locate references for these. I can feel another headache coming.

Wing Zero: Wings 1

Started on the rear wing today after already having finished the wing backpack. The organic nature of this appendage makes it confusing to model. Starting to wonder if I should depart from the structure of the master grade version and head in my own direction.
wing zero gundam 3d mesh sandrum


21 November, 2005

Wing Gundam Zero

Like a dummass, I've gone and started another model right after finishing a previous one. Not even a days rest. Then again, it's already late and my progress is meager for it. Only started on the backpack. Lucky for me these two are identical in the chassis, the wings being the only parts that give me the willies. Anyway, time to hit the sack. I'll post progress later.


20 November, 2005

Gundam Wing: DONE!!

Barring a few missing bump maps, this thing is pretty close to being as done as it's going to get.. from me anyway. YAY!!
SOOOOOO... now it's time to break out the wings from the WING ZERO unit and get to work on fabricating the upgrade. :D


18 November, 2005

Gundam Wing: Basic Color

..And I mean basic. I've just gotten back to this. Now it's not so "naked" :). I'll work on it some more tomorrow.


14 November, 2005

Gundam Wing: Energy Pack

This marks the 95% point on modelling this Gundam. I'm actually surprised I got this far within the span of a month. I expected to be done at the end of November. I guess these last few weeks of the month will be for gettin the wings on the Wing Zero going. Anyway, I'm gonna take a day off of this thing and chill out for a bit.


13 November, 2005

Gundam Wing: Most of It

And now most of what it looks like. Still have some things to kick out of it, but I'm happy with it so far... :)
wing zero gundam 3d mesh sandrum


Gundam Wing: Gun

YAY! The rifle is here...well, most of it.
wing zero gundam 3d mesh sandrum


12 November, 2005

Gundam Wing: Shield 2

Another shot of the shield. I'll probably stop making polys for it right here since the polygon count seems to be exploding on me. The rest of the detail will likely be through bump maps. Oh well.
wing zero gundam 3d mesh sandrum


10 November, 2005

Gundam Wing: Shield 1

Found time to finally work on the shield.
wing zero gundam 3d mesh sandrum


09 November, 2005

Advance of Z

Well, looks like I've got another one to do now. I've already got the GM Quel MG model so that's no problem. The problem is, do I want to go back to squinting my eyes to get as much visual information I can from a tiny 1/144 plastic mode (that is the Custom Hazel). I would end up treating it like the Wing and Wing Zero, which means I wouldn't animate it, but being able to say that I pulled it off would be interesting and would help me in learning to integrate details (or sections of a mesh) from one model to the next -- the way I would have done by modelling the Zeta Gundam and transferring a lot of the mesh to the Murasame.

Anyway, to put it into perspective.... the Advance of Z seems to be a new section of the Universal Century timeline that occurs sometime after the events of the Gundam 0083 and the Zeta Gundam, though really REALLY close to the coming of the Zeta series...hence the name Advance of Z (before Zeta). At least, this is what I'm able to gather as my Japanese reading skills still border between shoddy and crappy. Apparently, the Titans, a military arm formed near the 0083 series, develops the Hazel mobile suit based off of the GM Quel. Has a lot of new characters going for it. But what I like the most IS that mobile suit.

07 November, 2005

Advance of Z: Hazel Custom & Hi-Mobility

So, I was looking through my Gundam references today when I came across an idea that I had a while back. The Hazel Custom HG1/144 came out last month and I have to say that it's quite a nice looking piece of plasticOne of the better designs, but it exists in the story line between Universal Century 0083 and 0088 -- what bandai is calling the Advance of Z (Z=Zeta).

So anyway, I was thinking to myself about what it would take to build this, seeing as how it's such a wee model (much like the seed models I've been kicking myself to do). Then it hits me that the chassis of this one is built off of the GM Custom and GM Quel from the 0083 Gundam series. And magically, this GM seems to exist as a Master Grade!

YAY! So I was musing to myself afterward that I could get started on this one by building the MG GM Quel + frame (it looks more like it than the GM Custom), then modify it to look like the Custom Hazel, which isn't all that much fiddling around. Then modify it again to look like the Hazel Hi-Mobility suit! Just a great design all around by these guys, even though it's ripped off of the original gundam design. Still nice. Who knows if I'll ever get to it though. Of course...if I have the time ... ;)

06 November, 2005

Gundam Wing: Wings

Getting the wings in there. They don't look like much without color though. On to the shield!


05 November, 2005

Gundam Wing: Leg - Underframe

True enough ;) The legs weren't correctly sized to scale with the rest of the model. Fixed it up a but and started on the frame underneath.


04 November, 2005

Gundam Wing: Leg 80%

The outside armor for the legs is complete, now I'm trying to construct the inner frame. The Arms don't seem to have any frame (according to this MG model I'm using for reference). I might use the inner frame from the MG Freedom or Strike MG for the arm to construct the Wing arm frame.
wing zero gundam 3d mesh sandrum


Gundam Wing: Leg 2

wing zero gundam 3d mesh sandrum


Gundam Wing: Foot 1

Yay the foot. I'm just getting sleepy, that's why I keep posting this stuff.
wing zero gundam 3d mesh sandrum


02 November, 2005

Gundam Wing: Leg 1

Finished the waist a while back so I decided to start on the legs before I got to the wings and accessories (cannon, shield, en-pack).
wing zero gundam 3d mesh sandrum