26 November, 2005


Yay, I JUST NOW remembered that I'm going to need (a fleet?) of ships for the Murasame/Astray/Forbidden,Raider,Calamity to launch from and Impulse (Forbidden/Raider/Calamity)to destroy. I'll need both Aircraft Carriers AND Battleship types of vessels. I'm probably going to go with European/Australian/American designed ships as most of the movies will take place near all of those countries. The twist is that after I create these ships I'll have to change their designs to make them look more like the ships in the anime... Specifically one called the Takemikazuchi (in the anime). For now, I'm betting on one or two of the following aircraft carriers (though none look like the previously mentioned model):

USS Enterprise
USS Midway
USS Carl Vincent
USS Kitty Hawk

I have yet to decide on the battleship. I also have to figure out where to locate references for these. I can feel another headache coming.

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