19 July, 2005

Lunamaria's Zaku

Small (looking) change to Lunamaria's red Zaku warrior. (just barely blown up to emphasize super coolness ;))
lunamaria hawk zaku warrior impulse gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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18 July, 2005

BLAZE Installed

So, this is an update of the earlier picture, but with the white zaku spruced up a bit (not to mention having the BLAZE pack installed).

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17 July, 2005

Zaku "BLAZE" Wizard Pack

Well, I figured that to get the white zaku (in the image far below)to fly, not to mention the ones in the animations I'm going to make, the BLAZE pack was a necessity. Here she is so far. Seems to be going in the right direction, but the reference model that I used to make this was a piece of crap. That's what I get for going the cheap route in obtaining reference pieces.

blaze wizard zaku phantom gundam 3d mesh sandrum


12 July, 2005


As the Zaku Warror gets finished up it becomes necessary that another Mobile Suit be started soon. While deciding on whether to release the the Zaku mesh, I was torn between which GUNDAM I should start next: the SAVIOUR GUNDAM or the FORBIDDEN GUNDAM, and though I like both designs, in the end I ruled out the SAVIOUR in favor of FORBIDDEN since it's required for AMP3. I'll have to leave SAVIOUR for another time.

11 July, 2005

Project Names

Note: No guarantee is made that any or all sections of these projects will be completed, either in a timely manner or at all.

Anaheim Machines Project (or AMP). AMP sections that are completed are colored in red.

AMP1 (Anaheim Machines Project 1) is the "goal" project. Based on the first 5 minutes of Gundam Seed Episode (phase) 50, this animation requires the use of the Gundams Freedom, Providence, Buster, Duel, Raider and the METEOR mobile armor. The scene is set in space between the earth and the moon spheres. It requires an asteroid (or junk) field, the escape pod from the Dominion Battleship and possibly the presence of the Archangel Battleship.

AMP2 (Anaheim Machines Project 2) [updated] is the secondary project. Based on the final 5-10 minutes of Gundam Seed Destiny Episode (phase) 34, this animation is actually the fight between Freedom and Force Impulse Gundam. Additionally, Zaku Warrior and Gouf Ignited units will be present (and be destroyed). Also required is the Sword Silhouette used by the Impulse as well as the Silhouette Flyer. The scene is set in the middle of a blizzard in the mountains of Germany. However there are a few changes planned for this. First, the Sword Silhouette will feature some radical changes to incorporate more weaponry. Second, the Strike Rouge with IWSP and the Archangel and Minerva will be needed and parts of each destroyed.

AMP3 (Anaheim Machines Project 3) is the launching of the Strike Freedom from the Eternal support ship and subsequent battle with opposing mobile suits (Gouf and Zaku variants).

AMP (Anaheim Machines Project Alpha) is the Alpha test project. Simply containing basic animations or stills of various Zeta Gundam and Advance of Zeta episode scenarios. These include Zeta Gundam, Hazel (Custom Hazel, Rah variations), Gaplant (and "Fiver" predecessor), Rick Dias, Asshimar (and "Kehaar" predecessor), Gundam MKII. No animation is planned.

AMP ((Anaheim Machines Project Beta) is the Beta test project. The ground based mobile suit battle from the 08th MS TEAM, regarding the EZ-8, Gouf Custom, Gundam RX-79G, and GM RGM79G. Scenes are expected but no animation is planned.


08 July, 2005

Impulse Experiments 1

I'm trying now to experiment with the MS's to see how they might look in an environment. Impulse so far isn't that bad, but I have to make better textures for the armor. I don't want it too shiny, but too dull and it's just mundane looking.

impulse zaku warrior gundam 3d mesh sandrum

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06 July, 2005

Plugin Coding

I've come to realize that I might have to get back to some more C++ coding to make some Lightwave Plugins. The work that I'm trying to put throught to make these models (and different iterations of them) increases by too much when I factor in different paint jobs that I'd have to make for each "grunt" mobile suit -- such as the Zaku Warrior and M1 Astray unit. Back to the old coders corner I go....

Also, I think the fight in Germany between Freedom and Impulse should have more sideline grunts, so I'm planning a Gouf Ignited mobile suit as well.