05 October, 2008

Hyaku Shiki: Body 2

Ran like a wild man yesterday and woke up to some pain in the old legs. Hopefully this doesn't set me back on any more training. Saw Gundam 00's new season yesterday. Seems like it's been a long time. Doesn't look too bad, yet again. Still wholly unmotivated to start some 00 meshes though -- I'm surprised an MG from that series hasn't surfaced yet given the otherwise high profile modeling blitz Bandai put out...perhaps if/when an MG magically surfaces...

For the Hyaku Shiki....Forgot to activate smoothing settings for the surfaces and this time I need to cut back on the hard edges some more and raise the head a little.

mobile suit delta zeta gundam char's quatro bajeena hyaku shiki kai plus 3d mesh cg sandrum


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