26 January, 2007

Gouf Ignited: Leg 2

Did quite a bit to spruce up the legs. Overall they're about a meter longer than they should be, 500mm on the upper leg and about the same on the lower leg, though the foot has been brought inward to compensate a little. The knee cap is sharpened and enlarged while the upper leg is also widened and cut so that the upper and lower legs can achieve a good bending position (and consequently the knee should be able to do so without colliding with the armor. The side boosters are larger and wider while there is an additional booster on the inner calves to help a bit (not in the original design). The foot itself is also thinner and comes to more of a point at the end. I figured that this would allow posing to be less clunky looking. Also, since there isn't a foot protection flap, there's a bit of metal frame sticking out lower to help a bit in concealing the inside of the leg.

Gouf Ignited gundam seed 3d mesh cg sandrum

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