18 January, 2006

Hazel Gundam: Gaplant Booster Beta

Testing the Gaplant booster with the Hazel. I thought that I was modelling the booster upside down and that the hazel used it the other way. But I was off, definately the opposite. The gaplant and hazel both use it the same way. Anyway, a test render of the gaplant booster attached incorrectly :p and the Hazel-Rah. I think that even though the MS doesn't have the "Advance" visor and foot lift attachments, it may still be called the Rah 2nd form. Two wing boosters mounted on the back. Two claw boosters on the side skirts, thereby replacing the ammunition that it carried before. A fin on the front and back mounted on the waist and Hrududu body respectively, and then the Gaplant booster mounted on the Hrududu body. Too lengthy a post, me thinks.
hazel gundam hrududu 3d mesh sandrum

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