25 September, 2009

Providence: Another Try 1

I don't know... I was just looking at all of these SEED VS ASTRAY rehashes and thought...why not try to redo the providence, but with PG strike parts...or whatever else I could find. So basically I've modified Strike's chest area a wee bit and added on Legend's lower legs to see how they'd look. Of course this is only a very very basic start. Even the proto backpack is there just to see if it's big enough.... which it probably isn't. Really I should get back to a lot of the ones I started but never finished... GP04, Xamel...etc. Ah..just time.

Anyway, I'm moving house again to a slightly bigger place and I don't have the time to fiddle around at the moment. That and trying to get back into marathon season (as I usually do around this time of year), the time is just about gone. Ah, good ol life.

Upgraded to 4GB of memory in one of my machines... (finally) so I'm happy about that. Still need (actually ...want) a newer setup though.

After marathon season ends I'll be back at it modeling as usual.

mobile suit gundam zaku II F2 ver 2 gouf custom J 3d mesh cg sandrum bonds of the battlefield senjo no kizuna


18 September, 2009

Apsalus: Stage 6 - 5

Some more detail on the bottom. Taking more and more from the Zaku II as reference/reusable material. I'm also going around and piddling with other models that I've barely touched while I work with this one...

mobile suit gundam mobile armor apsalus I II III 3d mesh cg sandrum


16 September, 2009

Apsalus: Stage 6

Rigging up a fake-ish frame underneath based loosely on the frame of one of those MG ball models. Otherwise, just winging everything. Adding tubes here and starting some detail there, then cracking a bit of the armor... etc. It's still not quite good in a lot of places.

mobile suit gundam mobile armor apsalus I II III 3d mesh cg sandrum


15 September, 2009

Apsalus: Stage 5

I'm somewhat certain that most of the bottom section is done, the bits that can't be seen from this angle, but so much is left to do. I really want to get to this one before I move on as it's been bugging me oh so much. As per usual, the standard scaling issues and detail will be left till dead last.

mobile suit gundam mobile armor apsalus I II III 3d mesh cg sandrum


04 September, 2009

Hi-Nu: fiddlin around

Fiddling around with what I want on the Hi-Nu. The textures aren't done yet, but I'm thinking that I'm getting close to what I was thinking int he beginning. Shat load of parts though, I had totally forgotten just how many parts there were in this model. Needs more bumpmaps as I had totally forgotten that I intended to save some polys by just bumping a whole lot of this.

mobile suit gundam char's counterattack beltorchikas children hi nu hi-nu nightingale sazabi 3d mesh cg sandrum