25 December, 2005

USS Midway

Alright, so I need to get started on a carrier to practice on so that I have a good idea of what to do for the Takemikazuchi (non existant-futuristic aircraft/mobile suit carrier). I figured that I'd try my hand at the USS Midway for no other reason than that I like the name. This is part of the anaheim machines project only in that it's a stepping stone for the actual Takemikazuchi model, but since I'm still building mobile suits and the midway itself is never used it isn't specifically needed... just the idea on how to build it. This part of the project is to be done in the background as there isn't really a specific finish date for either. But since it's vacation-ish time here, I figured a change of pace from mobile suits would be interesting. So I guess I'll try to start it this week.

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