19 February, 2009

GM III: Conversion 3

The missle pods on the shoulders are coming along. I have to assume that the GMIII from the Unicorn series is similar enough to the Nouvel GMIII from the Sentinel series, meaning the pod contains about 4 missiles. Working off of this notion. The pod is a little elongated at the moment.
mobile suit gundam Unicorn Destroy mode 3d mesh cg sandrum

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Comments on "GM III: Conversion 3"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Feb 19, 2009, 7:57:00 AM) : 

Just realized I hadn't commented on the GM III yet. Glad to see that you're making it. I never really saw the "charm" of most GMs to be honest, but I think the GM III is just a hunk of badass.

PS, I feel like you mentioned it a ways back, but were you ever thinking of taking a wack at any 00 suits?


Blogger Apt-1B said ... (Feb 19, 2009, 11:56:00 AM) : 

Yes, I think the two versions of the GMIII (Sentinal/Unicorn) are identical, or at least should be. And you're right, the pod's have 4 each. Looking good so far!


Blogger sandrum said ... (Feb 20, 2009, 4:03:00 AM) : 

Thank you sir. I think I have bitten off a large chunk of the Gundam metaverse and it's a little difficult finish the bite. I'm not entirely sure I'll ever hit 00. I wanted to hit the Victory and Turn-A series as well as get some more Crossbone/F91 but I still haven't because I keep getting interested in the next "shiny thing". Hard to make any solid decisions at the moment.

Thank ya! I appreciate your appraisal. Helps to know that someone else approves so that I can continue without much worry.


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