28 October, 2020

Takemikazuchi - For now

I think I've looked at this one long enough. I'll make the crew that I really wanted and come back to this one for sure -- it took me this long to put together.

murasame takemikazuchi ship seed destiny m1 astray 3d gundam mesh cg sandrum sea ocean aegis kuraomikami class

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25 October, 2020

Takemikazuchi: Getting there!

Still on it! I'm also adamant on getting a crew together for at least the flight deck. Futher, I'm not solid on the water physics, so there's still that. Actually, there's a lot left to work on.
mobile suit gundam seed destiny takemikazuchi ship orb union 3d mesh cg sandrum

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14 October, 2020

Even more!

Need more ships! Started on another one in the escort for the Takemikazuchi. This is similar to the ship on the sword impulse MG box art. Working on the details after the initial basic effort.
mobile suit gundam ship aegis class john paul jones 3d mesh cg sandrum

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09 October, 2020

Wing Normal

Running into old meshes is great fun! Whenever the new EW Wing Zero comes to master grade, I may snap that up and use it to fix this guy.
mobile suit gundam wing 3d mesh cg sandrum katoki hajime

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Takemikazuchi: side ships

Trying to make even more boats, would be great to have a decent scene. On the bright side, I'm remember more on modelling, on the down side, I'm feeling the need for more workstations.
mobile suit gundam seed  custom  3d mesh cg sandrum takemikazuchi destiny

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