14 June, 2009

Zaku II: Head

Fighting off viruses on this machine. Seems it had been infected for a few days without my knowledge. Probably not free of those buggers yet but...

Went to the game center while it scanned everything. Played some Bonds of the Battlefield (zeon side). Great game. Motivated to keep on the Zaku II and maybe get to that Gouf Custom someday after finally getting enough pilot points for the zaku sniper in the game. Got beat pretty badly though.


mobile suit gundam bonds of the battlefield 0079 MG ver 2 zaku II 3d mesh cg sandrum


Comments on "Zaku II: Head"


Blogger Jern said ... (Jun 15, 2009, 7:59:00 AM) : 

You are one busy guy. I love the detail on the eye slit.


Blogger RaphaĆ«l said ... (Jun 16, 2009, 8:16:00 AM) : 

Lots of detail here, even the voids on the junction of plates look realistic, well done.

One thing I wonder though, why the hell did the Zaku have rebreathers? It's a robot, it doesn't breathe.


Blogger sandrum said ... (Jun 16, 2009, 8:51:00 AM) : 

I don't know... You could chalk it up to requiring fluid to remove heat from the sensor laden head if you want to, or likewise to the sign of the times...some 30 years ago where the enemies looked generic (albeit Iconic nowadays). Depends on how you look at it I suppose.


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