24 June, 2009

Zaku II: Body 2

When the local WonderGOO store suddenly started selling its Gundam plamo at less than halfprice (like a year ago, they don't sell it round these parts anymore) I snatched up 3 MG's that I thought I'd never buy; the Acguy, Z'gok and Zaku Cannon. To be honest, I haven't built the first two yet, but the Zaku Cannon I did make and despite being ho-hum as far as exciting factor it was an awesome build -- further cool-ified by its presence in "Bonds of the Battlefield". I'm basically using that model to assist in building the Zaku II's body frame as images from the net show that it appears to vary very little in the torso's frame. Not done yet, but close.

The backpack is removable in the MG Cannon so I made the Zaku II the same way. The detail shouldn't be too far off.

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