18 February, 2009

GM III: Conversion 2

Replaced the GM Kai's arms with slightly altered Gundam MKII arms, then redid the rear skirt armor. The Gundam ver KA's shanks came in handy for the shins of the GMIII and I redid some of the calf area a wee bit while also cutting into the Achilles area of the armor to bring out some of the machine parts inside. I went a little high on the knee armor assembly so I'll lower it. Though still working on the lower legs, meaning the MKII thrusters on the outer calves are just placeholders (I promise). I'm still thinking about the shoulder pods (which I will add). Apparently, as shown in Katoki's poster [THE BATTLE AT THE PORT OF DAKAR] 2 GM's are depicted without the pod equipment on the shoulders -- though everything else seems similar. I have to guess that the pod armament is optional...
mobile suit gundam Unicorn Destroy mode 3d mesh cg sandrum

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