22 January, 2006

Zeta Gundam: Body 2

I'm close to done with Zeta Gundam body. I forgot the lump that goes on the cockpit hatch and it needs a little bit more in the way of mechanics on the inside so that the lower body will rotate up and into the chest, but otherwise, it's not too bad. I thought the Hazel Gundam poly count was fairly high with all of the options, but all of the moving parts in this gundam seem to be jacking the polygon count up quite a bit.
zeta gundam 3d mesh sandrum


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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Jan 24, 2006, 10:25:00 AM) : 

Great progress as usual! Hope some of these links are helpful:






Blogger sandrum said ... (Jan 30, 2006, 4:55:00 AM) : 

I appreciate it.
Also I'll try to use these references to my best. Thanks a bunch!


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