13 February, 2007

Road to Sentinel: FAZZ 1

Mkay, so going to change the ZZ Gundam into the Full Armor ZZ (FAZZ) one component at a time. There is more than one version of the FAZZ, one type used in the ZZ Gundam television series (Neo-Zeon war), and a different type used in the Sentinel series. Although they appear similar, they are a bit different aside from color. After that, Katoki Hajime must have thought it would be interesting to redo his previous FAZZ redesign yet again, slightly tweaking on what existed. The result is present in the Gundam Fix Figuration series.
OK, so I'm starting on the Legs up instead of the head down.

ZZ FAZZ Double Zeta gundam seed 3d mesh cg sandrum

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