27 September, 2005

Next Few Gundams

So when the Marathon is done, I'll be working on the Gundams in the following order (tentatively):

  1. Saviour
  2. Wing ver. KA
  3. Calamity
  4. Sword Calamity (Calamity Upgd)
  5. Gouf Custom
  6. Gouf Ignited (using some internal parts from Gouf Custom)
  7. RGM-79(G) GM
  8. Ez8
  9. Rx-79(G)
  10. Astray
  11. Zeta
  12. Murasame (Combine/Redo Astray + Zeta + Raider parts - unless a plastic model is released)
  13. Zeta Plus
  14. ZZ Gundam
---schedule undecided----
  1. GP01 Zephyranthes (test bed)
  2. Duel (using some internal parts from the GP01)
  3. Buster (at some point)
  4. Freedom (redo - possibly..if time permits, though I doubt it)
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