10 April, 2008

Murasame: Body 1

I tend to like variable form machines like the Zeta and Zeta plus units (though not so much Wing/Wing Zero or simpler machines). In that same spirit, I really do like the Murasame's transformation... I have a problem with it's boxy/rigid shape so I'm basically using an early version of the Strike body (again) and remixing the chest area. If all goes well it will be functionally similar and recognizable without the boxy shape -- and will keep the general design flow of Bee-Craft (who did not design the Murasame).

I also wanted to keep Strike's chest mobility, so I moved the chest swing arms toward the neck assembly so that the upper arms and shoulder could still rotate freely. I'll still have to modify the backpack so that when the chest swings up they can connect correctly and not have any weird missing parts.

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