07 January, 2006

Zeta Gundam

Blast! That magazine still hasn't arrived. Well, I need to pass the time somehow before the sumo tournament starts on tv, so Zeta it is. My girlfriend helped me put together the MG Zeta (ver 1.0) model a long time back and it was great, but when I tried to transform it, I was blown away by how the wing assembly broke apart. I was able to put it back together but I left it in waverider mode because I was too ticked to return it to MS mode,... that and whenever it WAS in MS mode, the wings in the back would sag. I hope the Ver 2.0 fixes this. But because of the mess up (and a few other parts that fell off since) I've decided that taking the zeta apart and modelling it would be ok. It was pretty cheap to buy anyway and though I really liked the waverider mode.

Ok, so the start of the head!


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