26 November, 2005

Wing Zero: Wings 2

On the bright side, a quick test of the wing to see how it looks. I'm pretty happy with it for now though ;)


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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Oct 24, 2007, 11:34:00 AM) : 

Hi, i'm french and i so crazy about Gundam !!
Particumary those from the gundam Endless Waltz, great movie...

So i want to know, if you could give the 3d mesh of one of you gundam?(the wing zero custo...), because i'm working on a Total Conversion for a game and i want a gundam for principal payer, but i have a good level on 3ds maw studio, but no more to made some things like you...

For the moemnt this TC is just for mine, but i will release it if i termine it and if i chech an gundam character...

So please, contact me on this adress fredskin@hotmail.fr .

If, you are not agree contact me too for i know your reply....

Thw mn, and your work looks really awesome !


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