09 November, 2005

Advance of Z

Well, looks like I've got another one to do now. I've already got the GM Quel MG model so that's no problem. The problem is, do I want to go back to squinting my eyes to get as much visual information I can from a tiny 1/144 plastic mode (that is the Custom Hazel). I would end up treating it like the Wing and Wing Zero, which means I wouldn't animate it, but being able to say that I pulled it off would be interesting and would help me in learning to integrate details (or sections of a mesh) from one model to the next -- the way I would have done by modelling the Zeta Gundam and transferring a lot of the mesh to the Murasame.

Anyway, to put it into perspective.... the Advance of Z seems to be a new section of the Universal Century timeline that occurs sometime after the events of the Gundam 0083 and the Zeta Gundam, though really REALLY close to the coming of the Zeta series...hence the name Advance of Z (before Zeta). At least, this is what I'm able to gather as my Japanese reading skills still border between shoddy and crappy. Apparently, the Titans, a military arm formed near the 0083 series, develops the Hazel mobile suit based off of the GM Quel. Has a lot of new characters going for it. But what I like the most IS that mobile suit.

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Blogger ninjascience said ... (Dec 8, 2005, 10:38:00 AM) : 

I've joined up with other AoZ fans from the TTT Arc and started an AoZ Wiki. We have lots of great AoZ info and gathering more every month.
You can get to all our stuff from my new blog. http://ninjascience.blogspot.com. I'm out there in the blog world now trying to find other AoZ fans. Hope to see you at the forums!


Blogger ninjascience said ... (Dec 8, 2005, 10:41:00 AM) : 

oh wow! I didn't really now the overall theme of your blog until after I left the first comment. This is awesome! I've been intending to start doing some 3D models of AoZ MS, but the new wiki is keeping me very busy. I hope the initial flurry of content to put up there dies down soon so I can start on that project. I'd love to link it up with what you guys are doing here. very cool stuff.


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