17 June, 2006

GM KAI: Bazooka

Uh, ok. So this is A bazooka for the GM KAI. Actually, Katoki Hajime seems to have created 2 versions of the GM KAI, at least as far as toys/figures/models go. One GM KAI has no vents on the upper part of the torso (between the shoulders and the neck) while a second version, specifically for the Gundam Fix Figuration seems to have those vents installed -- similar in fashion to the GM Quel or Gundam NT-1 (Alex). In this way, the Fix Figuration version is also similar to Katoki's version of "Gundam" (the original). It's all very confusing. On top of that MAHQ shows one type of bazooka that the GM can use (looks like the version used by the Gundam MK-II) while Katoki designates the bazooka used by the original Gundam in the Fix Figuration line. AAAAA!!! Anyway, I'm using the MK-II's bazooka as I figured it would be something of a head start if I ever did the MK-II. Gotta work with some seams and bump map it (as usual).

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