28 October, 2006

Gundam ver KA (RX-78-2)

Rx-78 gundam

While I wait for the thumbs-up for making the Crossbone X3 and Skull Heart, I'm diving into the Gundam version KA which will be used specifically as content for the future anaheim machines site (not this blog). The process will be a conversion, which actually began with the GM Quel.
From the Quel I built the Hazel. From there I built the GM Command, and from that GM Command will come the Gundam KA. Based on the GM Command, the conversion will only involve a few major changes: The head, the upper chest area, the waist skirts, a slight change in the rear booster and the front shin area of the lower leg. After that is generally just a recolor and other smaller changes. Since this is just a conversion, I'll probably just post here.
The basic start of the head.
Rx-78 gundam 3d mesh cg sandrum


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