06 August, 2006

Operation Angel Down: Minerva

It's about time to start the next part of the project rather than just continue building mobile suits. The focus is now going to change to the direction of AMP2 which people who have seen this series understand to be "Operation Angel Down" in the show. There will be a few changes to this mostly because I was largely unhappy with how the episode carried out the plot. So, in order to accomodate the changes that I want - the following items will be needed:

* Strike Rouge
* Freedom Gundam
* Force Impulse Gundam
* Sword Impulse Silhouette Flyer
* Archangel
* Minerva

However, the Gouf Ignited will be stricken from the "list" meaning that virtually all of the above have been completed, with the sole exception of Minerva. Interaction will not be limited to Mobile Suit on Mobile Suit as pilots are also required. The list on the left column of the page now contains a Pilots section. Currently listed are:
haman karn(Qubeley Pilot)
emma sheen(Gundam MKII Pilot)
kira yamato(Freedom Pilot)
shinn asuka(Impulse Pilot)
rau le cleuze(Providence Pilot)
audrey april(Custom Hazel Pilot)
titan bunny(Hazel Gundam Pilot??) [for amusement]

... they are not all used in the same series, of course. Also overdue are cockpits for the selected MS's. Difficulty in locating good references for the Impulse cockpit means that I will probably use a Universal Century style core-fighter cockpit and jazz it up a bit to reflect the CE universe style. The Freedom cockpit images I found are somewhere around my workstation so that may not be a problem. In order to keep render times low and be as efficient as possible, I will probably not build the cockpits directly into the MS's, but instead have them as independent files.

As far as props are concerned, there is some left to be done for Operation Angel Down. The backdrop is a mountainous one and so that terrain and weather should be recreated. Next however will be the Minerva.
minerva sandrum gundam 3d mesh CG


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Blogger Pal said ... (Aug 7, 2006, 1:30:00 AM) : 

Ah, pilots! This is going to be interesting, I can't wait!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Aug 7, 2006, 12:51:00 PM) : 

This was the intro cinematic for the Seed game Never Ending Tomorrow. The pilots I think they translated pretty well into CG, despite the weaker english voice acting:


Just thought it might be helpful for reference!


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